Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – First Impressions

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, a mashup between the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Fire Emblem series. While I have never played a Fire Emblem game, I was quite interested to see how it would turn out. Developer Atlus, or even the Shin Megami Tensei series itself isn’t a newcomer to Tactical RPG’s with the Devil Survivor series, it made me expect that the mashup would be a Tactical RPG. Well with the results in my hand, clearly my assumptions were wrong.

Normally mashups give me a bad image. The mashups I have an experience with, are with characters from two series thrown together with a shit happened bullshit backstory, that took 30 seconds to explain, and the audience is supposed to just accept it. So typically it comes off as just as fanservice to see your favorite characters from two series either duke it out, or fight side by side. Basically the type of shit you’d see concocted by a middle schooler on the back of his notebook, then debated about on message boards.

Well in this case, they made it work. It takes a typical SMT type of scenario, and just slid in Fire Emblem characters. The thing that makes it work, is that you can take out the Fire Emblem characters, and the game could still stand on its own. While you could argue that the Fire Emblem characters are in some ways there for fanservice, it doesn’t seem forced. It takes the trope of characters from another series being in an alternate dimension, but Atlus molds it into a situation that works in a game you would expect from them.

In the Megami Tensei games, usually the bosses and summons, or creatures that aid you, are based off of different mythological creatures, they instead just use Fire Emblem characters as the base models. Which explains why I believe this game would still stand on its own if you remove the Fire Emblem characters. Instead of falling into the trap of throwing in your favorite SMT characters, or even just the characters from the popular Persona series, Atlus said “fuck it, new game, new characters”, and crafted a new game out of that.

Onto the game itself. While I think the concept of having the characters as idols, or aspiring idols, and the monsters feeding off the “performa” of said idols, the actual game is pretty fun. I really enjoy how they based the concept of battle off of the Digital Devil Saga games, rather than recruiting the FE characters, like in the main SMT games, or like Persona where you use them as summons. It’s nice to see that the characters become the classes from Fire Emblem.

The battle system has the familiar flair from a SMT game, and it’s nice that they do add in a different twist. Knowing the weakness of your enemy still plays a role in this game like in the others, but instead of just having your character who exploited said weakness attack again, or just having an extra turn, the advantage in this game makes it to where you get to chain attacks to do more damage. It reminds me a bit of Breath of Fire 4 in a sense.

While I’m only done with Chapter 1 of the game, it’s still enough to see that this game will continue to be enjoyable as I continue on. While I do think I’m missing out a bit for not getting the Fire Emblem references, it’s still fun for an outsider to the series to get into the game.