Breath of Fire – First Impressions

Having played two other games in the Breath of Fire series, I decided to check out the original game. There definitely has been a lot of series progression, but I can still see familiarity from this to the newer games.

Compared to the newer games, this one does feel a tad bit archaic, but seeing the era and console it came out on, you can’t really give it much flack. Though I will say that this game doesn’t feel as unique as BoF 3 or 4. So far it kind of feels like a generic sword and sorcery RPG. Hopefully the game gets better as it goes along.

One complaint I have is with battling bosses. The part where you deplete a boss’s HP and then they glimmer and then have an extra spurge of HP seems kind of pointless, and feels like the bosses are being padded out. It makes the concept feel more of a gimmick than adding tension to a boss fight, and also just makes it plain annoying. Maybe if it was say a big time boss, or the final boss, but for just a run of the mill boss, it just feels unecessary.