Trails in the Sky – First Impressions

The Legend of Heroes series, definitely a very below the radar series. It’s definitely a well regarded series, by the 5 people who know the series exists. With a botched release history, and, starting with this title, a name theme being added, it’s no wonder a lot of people in the West haven’t heard of it.

Trails in the Sky is the first in the series that became notable in the West, and it’s translation is also infamous with being troublesome for publisher XSeed to translate. Despite being a critical darling, its low sales definitely didn’t help push the series into popularity, and its subsequent sequels within the Trails in the Sky trilogy were stuck in translation hell for years.

Upon finding an elusive copy of the game, I can definitely see why the publisher had “fun” translating the game. It’s very dialog heavy. Not only is the story very dialog driven, there’s a ton of different character interactions that move the game along. It’s almost like playing a very interactive novel. There’s also a metric fuckton of dialog to deal with in the game, which isn’t a bad thing, and does flesh out the characters and the world.

The gameplay itself is pretty fun. It’s nice that it’s an actual 3D world, not just characters moving around on a “three dimensional” pre-rendered background. Those types of games seem to be more interesting for me, and make it a lot more fun to explore. The battle system is a lot of fun as well, it reminds me a lot of the Grandia series, which isn’t a bad thing. You can build up on your special points, and unleash your super attack and give hell to your enemies.

So far this game is definitely a lot of fun, and it’s a bit sad that it didn’t sell very well. Definitely looking forward to Second Chapter whenever I decide to get a copy of that.