Legends of Legacy – First Impressions


I decided to check out the latest RPG released by Atlus on the 3DS. It’s a very nice old school style RPG that looks a lot like Bravely Default. While the games look very similar, the gameplay and stories vary greatly. Bravely Default is a very story driven game with clear objections, while Legends of Legacy is very vague and more of open exploration.

So enough of the comparisons, let’s just discuss my actual opinions on the game. I do enjoy the overall exploration and the game so far focuses on you to explore this new island and fill out the maps while exploring all of these areas. Though leveling your characters is a bit unorthodox. It’s similar to games like Final Fantasy II or certain Western RPG’s where increase stats based on how much you get damaged or for skills based on how much you use them. Though it’s also not very consistent either. I’m not exactly sure how or when your HP or attack will increase.

So far enjoying the game, just wished there was more of a focus on what you do rather than just explore all these new areas.


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