Breath of Fire IV – First Impressions

Prior to this,¬†I played Breath of Fire 3, and while it’s a very slow game, it’s getting more fun since the last I’ve played it. Breath of Fire 4 on the other hand, is a much more interesting game from the get-go. So far the story is much faster paced, and you start off with two different stories going on at once.

The game seems to be an improvement in all aspects compared to 3. As a later release, the graphics are really nice. The only minor gripe is that the times they show polygonal monsters looks weird side by side with the 2D sprite characters. There’s a lot of fluid animation from the characters moving around. The characters, environments, and monsters look fantastic.

Controls are also an improvement, and instead of using the weird camera control from 3 where you hold the square button and use the D-pad to look around, they copy the camera controls from other games where you use the shoulder buttons to rotate. The only silly thing they did was that the camera is at a 45 degree angle, so even when rotating the camera, you only keep it at a 45 degree angle.

Definitely enjoying the game so far. Looking forward to seeing how the game progresses.