La Pucelle: Tactics – First Impressions

La Pucelle: Tactics was a game I believe I saw on sale on the PSN for a few bucks, and I did about 5 seconds of research and saw it was an RPG with good reviews, so I bought it on a whim. My only minor dismay is that it’s a Tactical RPG which is a genre I’m not generally fond of.

When I started the game up, it was kind of strange that it was a 2D sprite based game, which is a strange graphical choice for the PS2. It would look at home on the original Playstation. While it could look better on the PS2, it’s still a fairly decent looking game, the sprites are pretty detailed and I can tell what the hell everything is. The exploration in the town reminded me a lot of Valkyrie Profile which is a good thing, because Valkyrie Profile is fucking amazing.

For the real gameplay in the TRPG range, it’s pretty fun. Unlike Shining Force (which was the only TRPG I’ve extensively played), you can have your characters positioned to where they can actually perform multiple times in the same turn, which makes the battles go by faster. You can have your characters positioned in a way where you heal your character, and then get into 3 battles back to back, it’s a pretty fucking cool feature.

So far it’s pretty fun and not a drag like other TRPG’s I’ve tried. Definitely looking forward to more out of the game.