Bravely Default – First Impressions

Bravely Default was a game I was hyping for myself for a few years. I was a big fan of Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light on the original DS, and when I discovered that they were making a spiritual sequel, I went apeshit. The hype blew up even more for myself when I saw the initial trailers and it looked and sounded amazing. They took the artstyle I loved from the first game and expanded on it, and even the music I loved was even better than before. With all this, how could Square fuck this up?

Years later, the game finally came out and got rave reviews in Japan, which excited me even more, as I usually tend to lean towards their opinion on JRPG’s. Then it finally came out in the West and continued to get rave reviews. Thank God.

This was definitely the first game I bought for the console, and luckily for myself, the game pretty much delivered. It was definitely I enjoyed from 4 Heroes of Light, and it fixed some of my problems from the first game. I can select the enemy I want to damage, and I can select which team member I wanted to heal. 4 Heroes of Light has a pretty bland story, and was all about the adventure, but Bravely Default not only had a good quest, it even has a pretty decent story so far.

This game is pretty much what I wanted from Square, a throwback to the NES Final Fantasies, but with a modern twist. 4 Heroes of Light fulfilled that, but I feel that was a prototype for Bravely Default where they mastered the game. This game definitely is more targeted at RPG fanatics, as it’s definitely grind heavy, which is the main complaint I see from fans of modern RPG’s.

So far I’m definitely enjoying the game, and can’t think of many ways on how the game could end up being fucked up by the end.


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