Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory – Review

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is your average anime themed RPG. It was also the third game released for the Neptunia series, it also takes place after the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk.2 which was released February 28th 2012. So is this game worth a look and can it interest you? Well there certainly is promising aspects but also its fair share of knacks as well. See if this anime RPG is the right kinda game for you to buy.

The story takes place after the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk.2 and not much of recent has gone on in the nation of Gamindustri. Besides the nations of Lowee, Leanbox, Planeptune, and Lastation competing for dominance though, and a odd girl trying to promote the uselessness of CPU’s. One day though when Neptune and Nepgear get in a argument and Neptune leaves Planeptune she encounters the odd girl and is later sucked into a void. This throws her into a alternate dimension where she doesn’t exist as Planeptunes CPU goddess but another girl named Plutia instead. How will Neptune get return to her dimension which is also experiencing issues of its own while she is gone.

The gameplay is like your average RPG where you level up, buy equipment that can make your character stronger, and explore dungeons and such where you can battle enemies. Other features were included too but that will be looked over later in this review. Starting with the battle system it is the same as what was incorporated in mk.2 when you entered a battle. Basically there is a set area on the map and that area is the size of the battlefield space, you move your characters freely around in this space to get close and attack enemies. If you push against the border of the battle space it will allow you to retreat and leave the battle.Up next is the button combination moves where you can mix and match different moves to unleash stronger attacks against your foes. Its a interesting way of doing things being able to string together different combos which unleash all sorts of attacks you can unlock down the road as you progress in level. There are indeed special attacks for each of the CPU’s that can as well be learned and utilized through the game. It certainly overall adds a different feeling then the normal means for attacking you see in RPG games, and can be fun creating lots of combos that you feel gives you the best chance to win. The game itself also has adequate difficulty, but not too difficult.

Like most RPGs you will traverse many dungeons and you do so in this game as well traversing through the 3D environments provided. Of course enemies roam the areas and if you hit them first you can get the jump on them in the battle, of course it goes vice versa as well if you get hit first.There are also lots of areas to unlock for each continent and some are even references to certain game titles released, depending if you are in Lowee, Leanbox, Lastation and such. When you also go into a CPU’s city like Lastation you can also talk with the random NPC’s whom always have something to say and also are references to other games.

Quests are also a thing and do help you with the goodies they reward you with. Though some make it so you need a second playthrough so you can take on their challenge in defeating some of the strongest foes in the game. Completing the quests is important though especially if you want to get the maximum grade for each chapter of the game. Though quests can be halted though not only by lack of level but also lack of areas unlocked.

Unlocking new areas however in this game goes hand in hand with the new scout system. You are allowed to send scouts out and while you are fighting enemies in dungeons they search for things. Sometimes they are unsuccessful and bring you nothing, sometimes they bring you money, new scouts, unlock new areas or adding bonuses like more money aquired after battles or stronger enemies in dungeons. You also can give them more money for hopes of greater success, and if this scouts are successful in doing their duties they level up. Overall it is a very interesting system added into the game that you will indeed use a lot for quests and such.

The music in the game is enjoyable and has some good tracks to offer. You have some of the more calmer tracks and places like the desert and forest dungeons for some tranquility followed by more upbeat tracks when you reach the retro cyber themed stages. Of course many more exist down the list and provide for a good listen. Below are some tracks from the game series you can take a listen to:




The game itself has good in it with its visuals, the characters designs and portraits are nice and the areas are something to look at as well. There are also CG’s that get provided throughout the game at certain points which adds as a plus as well. Graphically the game will not wow you but hits the bullseye as a solid looking game. Unfortunately in terms of dungeon layout and design thats where things get rocky. As an example in the game there will be a forest dungeon you can enter, lets say one in Lastation’s continent another in Leanbox’s continent, the issue arises when the layout for the dungeon is not different and there is really not much variety to the stage. Many more forest dungeons exist in different continents but the result is still the same with the layout being a rehash with barely any changes. The same goes for dungeons with desert themed areas having almost a photocopy layout of eachother. So overall you will really start feeling like you’ve been to the same place multiple times without change.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory can certainly offer enjoyment to your average anime or PRG gamer providing a fair experience. While some things could have been done better such as the environment layouts in dungeons which is a major negative do to it being what you spend a good sum of time in there are things the game does fair in. It may not be the game you will take for a second playthrough unless you are barking for a different ending and completing all quests but is something that will last you a good amount of time. Overall it can give you a fairly good experience and with funny humor, and a adequate challenge making for a solid game.



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