Breath Fire 3 – First Impressions

Breath of Fire is Capcom’s JRPG series, and this is my first foray into the series. I did no prior research, and found the PSP copy of the game lying around, and realized it was a PAL version and the PSP port wasn’t released in the US and jumped on it. So I went in completely blind.

The button configuration took a bit of getting used to, as most other RPG’s have a very similar configuration. In this game, triangle is run, square is menu, and to move the camera around, you hold R and you move the D pad around. Speaking of rating the camera, most of the time it feels a tad bit pointless, as you can only move it around for looking purposes, so it centers back to its original position, and it also only moves a couple of degrees, so it feels almost useless.

Graphically, it doesn’t look so bad. It doesn’t look that much better than an SNES game, and it has a 3D-ish feel to it. It also isn’t based around having pre-rendered backgrounds, so the world does feel a little more liberating. Gameplay so far is pretty standard with turn based combat and random encounters. Though there is a minor complaint with the battles. The game is trying to be innovative and instead of changing to another screen for battles, it happens in the same map you were in. While it’s a little neat, it kind of gets annoying depending on where you are on the field. If you’re under trees or near a wall in a dungeon, then your party or the enemy will be blocked by the trees. So there’ll be times where you can’t tell what the hell you’re fighting.

Storywise, can’t say much as I’m only a few hours into it. So far I have no idea what the actual story is, as they’re still trying to develop the characters, or so it seems like that’s what they’re doing. You pretty much go on little shenanigans here and there, and I finally got to a part where evil shows its ugly mug, so maybe the story kicks up from here.

For now, the game feels a bit average, but it’s still early on in the game, so who knows how this’ll kick up. The later parts of the game look interesting from what I’ve seen, so this probably just has a slow start. Looking forward to how this will turn out.


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